About Temaki Sushi Rice

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How to make Temaki Sushi Rice

(Three ways)

◆ Microwave oven   3mins

1. Open a bag of "Temaki Sushi Rice" and serve it on a plate.
2. Wrap the plate and into the microwave.
3. Heat at 500W for about 3 minutes.

◆ Hot water roasting

1. Boil the water in a saucepan.
2. When it boils, put "Temaki Sushi Rice" in hot water.
3. After heating for about 5 minutes.

◆ Emergency Heating Pack

1. Open the heating bag.
2. Place the contents of the heat pack on the bottom of the heating bag.
3. Put the "TemakiSushi Rice" in a heating bag.
4. Put water to the black line of the bag where the heat pack was removed.
5. Put water in the heating bag and close the chuck.
6. Heating is completed in 15 - 20 minutes.
※ Emergency heating pack sold separately. Please contact us.

How to make Temaki Sushi

(Hand-rolled Sushi)

① Prepare ”Temaki Sushi Rice”, nori, and ingredients.

② Spread a sheet of nori on your palm.

③ Place a mound of rice on the nori. 
 (Do not use too much rice as it will make it difficult to wrap.)

④ Place pieces of seafood or vegetables on the rice, and wrap it in the nori.  

⑤ Completion of Temaki(hand-rolled) Sushi!

⑥ Let's Party!!!