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“Happy birth day!” “Thank you, always”

When it’s a big day for your family. When you just want to tell that you are thank you. When there’s a friends gather up after a while.
In these days, we recommend you  to celebrate and welcome precious people with special dinner.

What kind of dish do you serve in those occasions in your countries?
We recommend you, the perfect welcoming meal, “TEMAKI”.
There were those days, when we go to cinema to watch movies, however now we don’t necessary have to go to cinema because we can just watch movies at home with internet. 

 Same for the SUSHI.
Japanese people eat SUSHI not only at sushi bar but also at home. They choose ingredients by their own. 

Its preparation is pretty easy. First, place vinegar rice, ingredients, and seaweed on the table. Then spread little amount of rice into the seaweed on your hand. Roll up then it’s ready.

Little kids would show big smile on their face choosing own ingredients  and make meal by themselves.  They would probably eat more than usual, saying “More, more!”
For adults, it’s fun to try to create some new and creative taste using different kind of ingredients.
Feel free to throw a TEMAKI party at home!
We’ll keep you guys updated with some fun facts and useful information about TEMAKI.!

  Hand-rolled sushi, 5 Wonderful

Any ingredients for sushi are OK.

You can roll it outside of nori

You can also enjoy arranged rice other than vinegared rice

You can have a creative experience making rice

Both adults and children are excited!


Any ingredients for sushi are OK.

Speaking of sushi ingredients, what do you think of?
From the image of sushi restaurants of onigiri sushi, many people may say that raw fish such as tuna and squid = sashimi.
On the other hand, hand-rolled sushi is something to enjoy at home parties. There is no rule on the ingredients.
There is a variety of ingredients that children seem to like, such as the classic seafood such as raw fish, steamed shrimp, salmon roe, sea urchin, condiments such as ohba and myogu, egg grilled, natto, ham, sausage, chikuwa, potato salad.
In addition, it is also good to make everyday side dishes such as meat soboro, fried chicken and hamburger steak.
There are also changing ideas such as potato chips and snacks such as ramen snacks.
If you are a vegetarian, you can only use your favorite vegetables and legumes.
If each prepares what they like, everyone smiles.


You can roll it outside of nori

 The staple of hand-rolled sushi is nori.
However, there is no rule here, and it is freestyle. Anything with suppleness and area to wrap rice and ingredients is fine.

For example, thinly baked eggs, lettuce, crepes, etc.
If you arrange each wrapped ingredients wrapped in your own way and wrapped around it, it is as beautiful as a bouquet.
It is fun because the impression of the appearance changes not only by the taste but also by what you wrap. 


You can also enjoy arranged rice other than vinegared rice

The house party attracts people of all ages, from adults, children, grandpares and grandparies.
 Naturally, the taste preference is also divided, so you will be pleased if you prepare more than one type of rice.
If there are several things that have changed the taste variations, such as standard vinegared rice for adults and a slightly sweet jako rice for children, you can enjoy "taste change" with more combinations of flavors.
Chicken rice, pilaf, any rice is fine depending on the idea.
Also, for seasonings, it is interesting to prepare your favorite things such as soy sauce and mayonnaise!


You can have a creative experience making rice

Hand-rolled sushi can be presented to people who do not usually have the opportunity to make rice as an opportunity to cook.
It will be an exciting experience especially for small children.
To make vinegared rice, there is a process of transferring freshly cooked rice to a lait (bowl, etc.) and cooling it to the human skin.
In fact, one of the tasks of preparing hand-rolled sushi for Japanese children is to patter with a fan and cool the rice.
It is a nice place to be able to help happily with a sense of play.
Next, put a lot of ingredients neatly on a plate and arrange them on the table.
In this way, you can experience the fun of cooking just by preparing hand-rolled sushi.
And if you combine your own rice and ingredients as you like and put your cheeks, your stomach and mind will be satisfied and you will be very satisfied.
It will be a great food experience. 

Both adults and children are excited!

As you can see from the explanation so far, hand-rolled sushi is an opportunity to try creative sushi by wrapping your favorite ingredients with your favorite ingredients.
There are hand-rolled sushi that combines spicy and sweet foods, hand-rolled sushi made with an emphasis on aesthetic beauty, and hand-rolled sushi that combines only meat.
The idea is infinite as the number of people.
 Since it is an house party, it is sure that if you hold a mini contest improvised to see who makes hand-rolled sushi looks the most delicious, it will surely get excited. 


The corona disaster has reduced the number of opportunities to eat out, let alone overseas travel.
But be positive here. If you have all the ingredients, you can experience the food culture of the world with what you have at home.

We want to spread the freedom of Japanese cuisine that Japan is proud of, especially home hospitality dish "Hand-rolled sushi" to the whole world!
If you have rice and nori, all you have to do is combine the ingredients with inspiration.
There is no problem even if it is not an ingredient unique to Japan such as sashimi. Just wrap what you usually eat with rice and nori, and it will be transformed into Japanese food in no time.
Why don't you have a fun hand-rolled sushi party at the time of daily rice?